Mitsuko Uchida, The Cleveland Orchestra

Diabelli Variations: CD


Revered pianist and peerless interpreter of the music of Beethoven, Mozart and Schubert, Mitsuko Uchida presents a brand new recording of this Everest of the piano repertoire. Released 6 years after her last album for Decca Classics, this recording is a long-awaited, much-anticipated cornerstone of her discography.

Variation 1: Alla marcia maestoso     
Variation 2: Poco allegro     
Variation 3: L’istesso tempo     
Variation 4: Un poco più vivace     
Variation 5: Allegro vivace     
Variation 6: Allegro ma non troppo e serioso     
Variation 7: Un poco più allegro     
Variation 8: Poco vivace     
Variation 9: Allegro pesante e risoluto     
Variation 10: Presto     
Variation 11: Allegretto     
Variation 12: Un poco più moto     
Variation 13: Vivace     
Variation 14: Grave e maestoso     
Variation 15: Presto scherzando     
Variation 16: Allegro     
Variation 17: Allegro     
Variation 18: Poco moderato     
Variation 19: Presto     
Variation 20: Andante     
Variation 21: Allegro con brio – Meno allegro – Tempo primo     
Variation 22: Allegro molto, alla ‘Notte e giorno faticar’ di Mozart     
Variation 23: Allegro assai     
Variation 24: Fughetta (Andante)     
Variation 25: Allegro     
Variation 26: (Piacevole)     
Variation 27: Vivace     
Variation 28: Allegro     
Variation 29: Adagio ma non troppo     
Variation 30: Andante, sempre cantabile     
Variation 31: Largo, molto espressivo     
Variation 32: Fuga: Allegro     
Variation 33: Tempo di Menuetto moderato

Release date: 8 April, 2022